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find the right tenant for your house

no brokerage
Ziffy Homes helps you rent your house without any involvement of broker or brokerage. We have a team of professionals who scout for the right tenants and help them move in.
zero investment
We take your house and furnish it completely with contemporary furniture, with you not having to invest anything in upkeep of your property. Your house stays the way it is meant to be.
assured rental
Assured Rental: Get the rental on 3rd of every month. You don't have to worry about constant reminders to tenants. Stop stressing over occupancy of your house while you get regular rents.

technology for simpler life

Tenant Profile
Browse through tenant profile at your own comfort
legal documentation
All the required documents are available for access
Online payments to ensure transparency
We don’t make a PG out of your house
(One tenant per bedroom)
Qualified professionals as tenant
(We attract only niche clientele)
Your house is always spick and span
(You always find your house immaculate)
You are never disturbed by tenant calls
(We manage all the calls for you)

Experience of House Owners

Renting my house in Gurgaon with ZiffyHomes was really easy. Heard about them from a friend and just gave them a call. Everything was done the same day. They are really fast at this.
I had a lot of concerns regarding bachelors damaging the property. The last site I rented out to used it like a PG. But ZiffyHomes experience is really different. We have 3 techies living in our house today. Not so bad for a Techical Manager
They are best at what they do. I had a property lying vacant in Gurgaon. ZiffyHomes renovated the entire property and guaranteed an assured monthly rental. Well, who could refuse an offer like that.

launching soon on android and ios

Browse through your options while on the go. Fix your visit and book your ZiffyHomes in no time. It is handy throughout your stay with us.