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5 movies to watch with your Ziffy mates

Harshit Verma  |  Nov 06, 2016

They say, you can tell a lot about the person by the genre of movies they like.

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You have your weekly-off, and the first full day at your new ZiffyHomes. You’re huddled up in your new room; it feels yours with your favorite red bean bag and a picture of you and your best friend grinning all the way to the ends of the photo frame. You reminisce old times, miss old friends and family. A quick phone call to mom says she’s busy buying groceries. You, finally contemplate going up to your flat mate’s room for a chit chat, but don’t quite know what to say.

Is that you? Or, even if you and your flat mate spent the entire first night talking about life and life stories, you know what a good idea to bond with someone is always - watch a nice movie together!

Wanna watch a movie, I have one that seems amazing!” is always a good starter for bonding with someone or having a good time with someone who already are friends with.

So, we bring to you a list of FIVE absolutely MUST-WATCH Hollywood Movies with your roommate/flatmate:

1.     The Roommate. (Errr)

Unless you both like thrillers and have had one odd bad (read: creepy) experiences with past roommates and have spoken about it – this might be something to enjoy spending a Sunday on. For all you know, you might appreciate each other more for not being a psychopath.


2.     The Hangover. (Because…duh)

No movie list is complete without a movie that would make you laugh so hard you’ll forget to breathe. This movie is sure to make your roommate look forward to organizing your bachelor/bachelorette party.


3.     Thelma and Louise (You will thank us later, girls)

This great girls’ night flick is a classic, and if you are in your 20s you may not have seen it. But, Oh my God, you should (who doesn’t want to see young Brad Pitt in a chick flick) The movie is about two women on the road who take care of business without any help from the traditional justice system – and have a lot of fun while doing it. (Want a more contemporary choice? Sex and the City always to the rescue – may as well discuss bad experiences with relationships while you’re at it.)


4.     Lethal Weapon. (Yes, guys? And girls too)

A classic buddy cop comedy, made long before Mel Gibson got weird. He and Danny Glover are a wise-cracking, butt-kicking team. Best part? You have FOUR sequels to enjoy.


5.     Ted 1 and 2 (because, a Teddy for a Roommate isn’t a bad deal at all)

A stuffed animal as a roommate, whose life, frankly speaking, is more rocking than yours is a treat to watch. Binge watching Ted 1 and 2 on a lazy Sunday will definitely give you the feels. The movie is about John Bennet, whose childhood wish of bringing his teddy bear to life comes true. The movie showcases John and Ted chilling and partying together, the tiff between him and his girlfriend because of his lifestyle with Ted and of course, true friendship.

So, get your bowl of popcorn ready or order some KFC (hey, to each their own) and enjoy. Because, one rule for living at Ziffy is to live happily ever after