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How ZiffyHomes is easing life for bachelors

Harshit Verma  |  Nov 06, 2016

Ziffy equals Easy: A revolutionary tech-based platform to ease house hunting for bachelors

It doesn’t seem so long ago when you put myself at the mercy of stingy brokers; when roaming from apartment to apartment in the scorching sun still didn’t find you anything you liked; when you had to settle for a house that belonged more to the rats than you; or worse, when ‘PG wale uncles and auntys’ made your life practically a living hell.

Still gives you the chills?

Living alone in a city (and to top it, BEING UNMARRIED – Haww) has been the most difficult character trait while finding an apartment on rent, hasn’t it? Even today, when most bachelors are seeking out to big cities to make a living, finding a comfortable space to live in seems like the most difficult challenge.

Hence, ZiffyHomes! Understanding the problem that has been infesting this generation now, we decided to put an end to Bachelor woes. From clothes to phones to groceries –when everything can be ordered online, why not a home? From beginning to the end – ZiffyHomes assists you in your house hunting process. We provide you with an elaborate database of all our listings along with price and pictures of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom for your perusal. You can then ‘schedule a visit’ and see the property for yourself. Feel free to schedule as many visits as you want before you find your one perfect abode.

Easy, isn’t it?


1.      Browse through the listings of houses

2.      Schedule visits to potential homes.

3.      Select one and start living.

We follow a strict one-room-one-person policy – so your personal space isn’t invaded. Your home is yours to be comfortable in, so expect no day-to-day interference from landlords. All ZiffyHomes are tastefully furnished to suit urban lifestyle and comfort. All your transactions are registered by us while you move in and move out. All payments happen online with complete transparency. You can now bid sweet goodbye to woes of looking for a flat mate, or having to move truckloads of furniture every time you shifted out, or not getting a refund of security deposit back. We got you covered. So, why not do things the easy way … the Ziffy way!

We have already helped over 500 tenants, with a fair mix of both males and females, to settle across the city of Gurgaon in some of the finest long term stay accommodations available.

We would be launching our app on Android and iOS soon, so that you can find a home, even while on the go!