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Skimp out the brokerage

Harshit Verma  |  Mar 16, 2018

It is around 1'o clock in the night and Arun is wide awake! With an offer letter from his dream workplace which expects him to move to another city in one hand, he is desperately searching the internet for relevant places to live in the obscure city. Which among these brokers to contact? Is the surrounding great? Are the house proprietors verified? Will I get a decent value for the cash I am spending? But wait, will I even be able to figure out how to locate a decent house or a PG accommodation within the stipulated time? Many of us have experienced a similar agony at least once in our lives and have dependably longed for an easier way out. Be it the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams, or the IT capital of India, yet renting a place can be a staggering experience or as a few of us wish to call it- A bad dream!

With an expansion in individuals moving out of their comfort zones, looking for a job, we all have been in Anu's shoes once in our lifetime. Be it moving to another city or looking for a place inside the city, the repulsiveness of negotiating with the owners’ n proprietors, taking up ways for door to door visits and above all, the most arduous issue, that is, paying some sky high Brokerages have haunted many of us, each and every time. Brokerage is basically the fee charged by the broker – the individual who is the go between the tenant and the owner. Even if by God's grace we managed to locate an appropriate home, but paying huge brokerage charges can turn out to be quite burdensome.

What can ZiffyHomes do for you?

Well, finding the correct broker to carry out your activity is a feat in itself; also, the brokerages they ask for can abandon one’s big savings before the month gets over. While a few of us face the issue of affordability, yet house chasing and paying brokerages aren’t a simple task for the affluent either. It is not just enough that you spend cash so easily, because, the conventional strategy for looking for a flat for rent demands bunches of time and energy as well as money. Even after you endow yourself with a promising broker, they, in a majority of cases, make their profit out of the individual's helplessness. Hence, here comes ZiffyHomes to your rescue!

Several people coming to Gurgaon and searching for a rented accommodation have a major run-in with various property brokers. Therefore, ZiffyHomes could figure out the nerve-racking, harrowing experiences of people with Brokers, while finding a rented house in suburban Gurgaon and rural Delhi. Consequently, we provide an online discovery platform for people, which would dispose of the broker and certainly link a potential tenant to some amazing rental facilities. Hence, with ZiffyHomes, stretch your money wider by saving on these brokerage charges.

Reasons why you should eliminate Brokerage:-

  • In most cases, the brokers don't give such benefits that match the high brokerage and we feel coerced.

  • Furthermore, it's the main motive and enthusiasm of the broker is, to push up the rent as his commission is connected to it.
  • In fact, Brokers have inflated the entire market and shockingly for somebody who is new, he will be definitely taken by them for a nice ride.
  • Brokers in actual blow up each flat/house by 30% since they get a commission from the two sides and frequently lie about the locality, environment and the house.
  • This isn't precisely a hidden cost, however, the broker charges are one of those home charges that slips out of your mind, while renting a house.

In fact, most brokers charge a fee of 1-2% of the aggregate house cost; in any case, some are costly and may charge a higher fee. But before you know, it is the ideal opportunity, you seem to witness that the entire circus needs to begin once more! Thereby, try not to believe and go for any sorts of Brokers and do your own due diligence with ZiffyHomes by your side!