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Harshit Verma  |  Mar 14, 2018

Numerous young students and professionals are rushing to urban neighbourhoods across India on a remarkable scale, and progressively choosing to rent a flat or an apartment. However, living with a roommate requires a ton of communication, and cooperation, but the rules change when you opt to live in a single rented room or 1 BHK flat. Living far from home for the first time can be both energizing and unpleasant, regardless of whether you're living with a flatmate or all alone. There are both pros and cons to living in a single rented room or apartments for rent. Given that the student’s and young professional’s life are extremely difficult to manage, therefore there’s an ever-increasing number of individuals who are opting more and more for less liability, obligation and stress. Renting has for sometime been the preferred option for individuals hoping to live off campus. The present day’s rental options are currently intended to meet distinctive budgets and you can typically spare some cash while getting a charge out of more privacy and freedom and opportunity.

What can you get from ZiffyHomes?

In spite of the fact that you will have to make more of an effort to be social and there will undoubtedly be numerous drawbacks en route, still, there are many points of advantages to living in a single room! Are you confused whether to remain in a PG in Gurgaon or take a 1 BHK Flat on Rent? At that point do not worry! You have ZiffyHomes on your back! Because we provide a Little more space for things you don't/shouldn't share with anybody. Not just 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats, we additionally provide single 1 BHK flats with the goal that your privacy is maintained and looked after well!

Why are single 1BHk flats always a superior option?

Choosing the right accommodation helps change our entire way of life and the lifestyle. All the more certainly, the change can only happen on taking the correct decision. Apparently, there are few things that will make you pick 1 BHK flats over anything:-

Your own particular abode:

There is a minimal sense of privacy that a single room may provide to you. Apart from the fact that your roommate and you share a great chemistry, but still it all looks good outside the single-room world. This privacy is particularly made clear to individuals who are in relationships, or, for personal reasons, who may look for a more private sphere for themselves.

If you are a student:

As 1 BHK flats are effectively reasonable and affordable, it will be simple for students who move from urban cities to cities to obtain and rent them. This will give them a decent shelter and So Much Privacy! Regardless of whether it is to get some concentration for studies or essentially just to destress, a single room certainly proves to be useful for that.

Additional Space:

Over here, the whole room is yours! There is no need to share storage room space, floor space, drawers, or whatever else. The additional space can turn out to be extra convenient.

If you have recently got married or are in the underlying stages of your profession:

As specified before, a 1 BHK flat will be very easy to obtain and any individual who still does not have a profound pocket can bear and afford the cost of it. This is the best alternative to choose a decent shelter at an economical cost.

Can save your money:

Putting your resources into a single room apartment will cost a man less and he/she won't need to pay much in the long run.

The Study Space:

It is quite sufficient for your room to wind up and become your personal library. The best part is nobody kicks you out after 2 a.m. Also, you can study as long as you need, and are free to drink and eat food.

A 1 BHK flat comes at an ostensible cost. It is comfortable and is perfect for the ones who are in the moving job. Also, when you have ZiffyHomes with you, there is no need to compromise on the luxury quotient, amenities and other vital facilities!