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Choose before you move

Harshit Verma  |  Mar 09, 2018

When you can't bear the cost of an apartment alone, you'll need to impart that valuable space to a roommate or most likely roommates. While they can save your money and provide companionship, at the same time, there are certain things which you need to consider or rather choose, before you move!

Whenever you put two individuals with different lifestyles & backgrounds together under one roof, there would undoubtedly be conflicts and cumbersome social moments, yet it’s not at all difficult to manage. This is very similar to the background constituting a student or a professional roommate, where you’d think who among them shall be more flexible and adaptable. But, you don’t have to worry; ZiffyHomes have got all the amazing options ready for you!

Let’s take a sneak peek at what you’ll get and what not & you might just reach your conclusion soon.

Having a Student Roommate you may either love them or hate them. But then, having a student roommate is always gratifying! You might be fortunate enough and end up sharing with someone you get on with instantly– or you might be matched with someone who appears to have a completely inverse personality to you. But before you choose, you may have a look at some of the beneficial aspects of staying with them-

To be aware of the Intruders

The student roommates have different timetables and that can be something to be thankful for. If there is someone in the room for most of the time, hardly there would be any sorts of risk regarding your stuff and other valuable materials. Therefore, living with the student roommates can save you from this! Oh sigh!

Spare Money on Rent and Utilities-

A major preferred standpoint of having a student roommate is the ability to part the cost of rent and utilities easily. This implies that you'll have the capacity to manage the cost of a more pleasant, bigger apartment than you could in the event if you were living without anyone else's input. The students usually take the rent for a longer period of time; hence the savings could be maintained for a long term. You can likewise part the cost of other shared things, similar to groceries and other necessary goods.

Increase your Social Skills

On the off chance that you are new in the city and does not have any companions or friends whatsoever, getting a student mate in flat for rent would build your group of friends as well as a social circle through their connection. Over this, you are also expanding and creating social skills which are developed by being around different individuals. Hence, student roommates can foster you with this! So, be prepared to have your calendar overwhelmed with trips and hangouts together with them.

Well, when two people are living in single flat on rent, it additionally implies that it's twice as liable to get untidy and messy. Over that, if you are sharing your room with a student, then you are likely to see dishes which can heap up one after the other and trash bins may overflow. But yet, such things are very easily manageable, when you divide the work between you and your room partner. In most cases, students are much ardent to help their roommates. Also, when you have student flatmates, you ought to have little privacy in that case. But for that, you just have to grin and bear it or else swim with the tide! Even after such things, living with a student is what you would just love to have in!

Having a Professional roommate- Get some fine-tune or just fiddle with the image of a “professional” that is embedded in your minds. When you hear the word “Professional”, do you expect that individual is living with a flatmate? Probably not, right? You would rather imagine that person to be somebody who lives alone and is completely committed to his or her work, or a serious family man or woman. But then, things are totally different when it comes to living with them by sharing your room! Scroll down below to have at look at what you thought you’d or you are rather going to miss.

You get an Exercise & Workout Buddy

Remaining fit is a need and you require a healthy body to have a sound personality. The dynamic professional lifestyle is tedious and it is hard to set aside a few minutes for the gym as well. Therefore, professionals likewise try to go for some workouts and exercises and they don’t mind getting a company along with it! So! Energetic isn’t it?

Get Help with all your Coursework

Professionals are always ready with their helping hands since they want to get their work done, from time to time and hence maintain the coursework appropriately. If you have them as your roommate, you can get a lot of help! Do they really maintain? Yes, they do!

You can get proper safety

Having a professional flatmate can give you a sense of proper security, particularly if you are young and don't feel safe getting back home to a dark, empty apartments. They usually are at home on time, so you can get the safety in your hands.

Simultaneously, sometimes it is required to be adaptable and work fairly to compromise with a specific end goal to oblige each other's differing lifestyles. For instance, if you're a night owl and your professional roommate isn't, you have to hold the noise down after he goes to bed. There’s also a possibility of smoking in the house but then you ought to manage that accordingly!

Well, ZiffyHomes have got both the options for you! Whether you would like to go with a student or would prefer having a professional roommate completely depends on your own aspect of life. Hence, it wouldn’t be reasonable to assume and choose between them, since there is no absolute answer to these choices! So, did you make any choices yet?