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Significance of Christmas Decor

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 23, 2016

Have you ever thought why the Christmas trees are so special and evergreen or why are these hanged as wreaths at the door during Christmas Season? Well, then you need to know the importance of Christmas decorations. December brings in a classified feeling which sets a holiday scene in and around your home. We know you love these decorations, so bring forth few facts about the Christmas decorations which will amaze you.

  • The Christmas Wreath – Made of evergreen branches, the Christmas wreath is a symbol of God’s endless love for us.
  • The Candy Cane – This décor item resembles shepherd’s staff which is used to guide his sheep. It is said that this red and white color candy cane is used by Jesus to guide us on the right path.
  • Christmas Star and Lights – The colorful and bright lights on the Christmas tree remind us of Jesus world which is full of lights, while the star is a symbol that all wise men are in search of baby Jesus.
  • Christmas Tree – This is a symbol of eternal life that every human being will be blessed with, in heaven.
  • Christmas Bells – The Christmas bell is a very important décor item during the Christmas Season. It reminds us that if one gets lost in the world, Jesus will find and save him.
  • Holly: These leaves resemble the thorn crown that Jesus wore while he was hung on the cross. The red berries on the Holly remind us of Jesus blood.

Now that the significance of the décor items is well explained, here are some simple yet lavish ideas that will bring undefined beauty to each corner of your home.

  1. Keep it simple and uncluttered: Decoration during Christmas Season should be simple. Fill the house with white potted amaryllis and paperwhites. Place wreaths on the doors or wrap the mantles and banisters with swags.
  2. Focus on the dining table: Remember decorating the dining table. It is not necessary to keep everything conventional green and red, rather try different color fabric like pink, white or black. This will add a graphic pop. Keep new crockery and cutlery, something similar to antique French.
  3. Go green and natural: Pick evergreen fresh wreaths, garlands, and boughs and combine it with oranges, tangerines, and lemons. This will make your home look natural and beautiful.
  4. Flannel pillows: If there are some old shirts, then stitch them into cushion covers to make cute pillows. Keep them to the side of an enable tub filled with pine cones and cranberries.
  5. The welcoming door: Sweeten the plain door with this jumbo treat. Place a giant candy cane on the door to make it resemble like entry to a gingerbread house. You can also add sugar pine cones. These add to the festive touch, near and far. Besides these, some other décor items can be snow flakes, circles of snow, lights and garlands etc.

Now that these ideas are here, show your love for Christmas. Plan the décor with your roommate and get ready with wreaths, pine cones, bells, Christmas tree, lights etc to give a traditional touch to Christmas décor to your home.