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Winter Solstice 2016 is here!

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 21, 2016

Finally, the wait is over! Winter solstice 2016 has arrived on December 21st and this means it’s time for celebration. Some of you might even wonder what is this all about. This is the day when the Northern Hemisphere experiences late dawn, short day, early sunset and longest night. Irrespective of where you live on Earth, this is a signal for you to celebrate.

December is the month when people are happier, for this month marks the end of a year and paves the path to beginning of a New Year. People can be seen partying and celebrating this month with their friends and family. With the longest night setting in, you may want to make it special by spending it interestingly with your friends. Let us share some ideas on how to make use of the longest night of the year.


1. Make solstice lanterns: You may like to not use any artificial lights throughout the night and welcome the sunset by lighting your Solstice lanterns! Take an empty jar and put some glue on it with bits of gold and yellow tissue paper. Put candles inside it and see them glow. Make many of these and put them all around your flat.


2. Bake cookies: See what all you have in the fridge and kitchen. Mix up things and make ever time favorite choco-chip cookies that you can relish upon over the coming weekends with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Cooking together will help you know more of each other, while it is one of the best ways to spend a long night.


3. Bring saloon at home: What can be best than pampering yourself? If you run of time during weekdays and have not been spending on yourself lately then this night is perfect. Paint each other’s nails with different colors, try some new hair styles and give each other warm hair oil massage or facials. This will help you keep the glow until your next New Year Party.


4. Plan night out: If there is a group of friends with whom you have planned to spend the longest night, then you must step out of the house to experience the night life of Delhi. There are many chilling zones and hidden party places in Delhi which are must attend. Besides, there are ghost’s walks, stargazing and photography spots which offer an incredible experience. If you want a complete synopsis of the rocking and happening nightlife of Delhi at least once, then why not on Winter Solstice!


5. Perform fire releasing ceremony: Start a bonfire in your backyard or rooftop. Write a list of things, which you want to release from you, on a piece of paper. Invite your flatmates too in this ritual. Put on some music and throw in that piece of paper one by one in that fire accompanied with a celebratory howl! The event would definitely turn out a fun one and you would have a feeling of being cleansed.  


Liked these ideas? Though no matter how long the night is, the focus should be having fun and building some memories to cherish in future, still, try not to snore away the longest night of the winter season!