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The best of Sangria!

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 20, 2016

Are you hosting Christmas and New Year Bash coming weekend? Browsing online what drinks you can serve? Want to serve something exciting? How about Sangria or different versions of this refreshing drink? Check out this blog!

A peek into the history of crowd-pleasing drink:

With roots from Spain, Sangria is a popular cocktail and party drink that is served across the world. It was first tasted in 1964 during the World’s Fair in New York. Sangria is a traditional red wine that has claret as its punch base. This wine is conventionally made from a mix of merlot, cabernet franc, and cabernet sauvignon. It is served with fruits and brandy that add flavor to it. This drink is relished by people of all walks of life, so serving it at your party would be an ideal idea. Sangria is a commonly served in Europe, United States and Spain by adding fruits, spices, and other items.

Let’s get the party started with some undiscovered versions of Sangria:

1. Add a touch of lemon with Sangria Lemonade:

Things you need:

  • Half kg lemonade
  • One granny smith sliced apple
  • One orange sliced
  • Half cup raspberries
  • Two-third cup light rum
  • One bottle of white wine or Chardonnay
  • One bottle of red wine


Take a large pitcher. Combine rum, white wine, lemonade and red wine. Stir and all fruits. Store in refrigerator for one hour. Add some fruits in a glass and pour the drink. Serve cold. 

2. Cold brew Sangria – the coffee trend that is setting in

Things you need:

  • One granny smith diced apple
  • One lime sliced
  • One orange sliced
  • One tablespoon simple syrup
  • 4 ounces of Cointreau (any other orange flavored liqueur)
  • 8 ounces tequila
  • 32 ounces cold brew (iced coffee is perfect)


This black coffee is one of the simplest refreshing drinks that you can serve. With no milk or cream, this drink can be made simply with syrup, Cointreau, and fruits. Take a large pitcher and add simple syrup, Cointreau, and cold brew. Stir until it blends well with each other. Add fruits and refrigerate for thirty minutes. Pour the drink into a glass, garnish with sliced lime and serve.

3. Red wine Sangria – adding a traditional festive touch

What you need:

  • Blackberries
  • Apple slices
  • Orange slices
  • Half cup simple syrup
  • One cup pomegranate juice
  • One cup orange juice
  • Half cup triple sec
  • One cup brandy
  • Two bottles red Spanish wine
  • Pomegranate seeds


Take a pitcher and mix all ingredients one by one. Stir them and let it stand in one tight sealed container for a minimum of twenty-four hours in the fridge. Serve fresh and cold with an apple slice garnish.

4. Rye and Peach Lambic Sangria

What you need:

  • One and a half cups chilled club soda
  • One bottle of Peche Lambic Beer – chilled
  • Three fourth cup rye whiskey
  • One and One-half cup peaches sliced
  • One and one-half cups diced red apples


Take a large pitcher. Add rye and fruits and let these fruits soak in for twenty to thirty minutes. Add Peche Lambic and mix it well. Now top the drink with chill club soda. Add ice in the wine glasses and fill it with wine. Garnish with fruits and serve.

5. For the non-alcoholic friends – Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Things you need:

  • Three cups carbonated water
  • One medium apple diced into half inch chunks
  • One medium lime – thin sliced
  • One medium lemon – thin sliced
  • One cup fresh orange juice
  • Three cups pomegranate juice
  • Half cup sugar
  • Two cinnamon sticks
  • Two black tea bags
  • Two cups of boiling water


Pour boiling water over the two cinnamon sticks and black tea bags and keep it aside for five minutes. Now discard the tea bags and add sugar. Stir until it dissolves. Take the pitcher and add – apple, lime, lemon, orange, orange juice, pomegranate juice, cinnamon sticks and tea. Mix well. Cool for one hour in the fridge. Before serving – add carbonated water and ice.

Remember friends, Sangria is considered to be a crowd-pleasing refreshing drink. Add the fun zest to your party by serving this drink to your guests. Do share the pictures of celebrations at your flat with us ;)