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DIY hacks for Home Décor

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 14, 2016

At times the smallest of tweaks make the biggest of differences to your home. If you are living in rented accommodation and cannot do much to decorate the space or do not want to spend lots to add life to your home then let us tell you, friends, there are some common DIY hacks for décor. These will elevate and light up your home into the most wanted hang-out zone amongst your friends.

We bring some easy and simple decorating projects which are economical, yet creative, adding an interesting and refreshing look to your home. You never need a strong budget to get the things in place. Let us share some clever and budget-friendly décor tips that you can try with minimal skills.

Use accessories and create a place of art:

Wondering what to do with hats, caps, scarves and neck pieces? Hang them and create a place of art on an empty wall. This will free up some of the desperately required closet space.

Take prints of pictures:

If you are a photographer bug or love documenting then take print of some remarkable and stunning pictures and paste them on a wall. You can create a story of this.

Place a wall clock:

Though this might look a worn out idea, because we all have phones and hardly care for a clock, still clocks are best when we have to tell the time to someone. Besides, you get a feeling of being an adult!

Think small yet creative:

If you have moved into a home which matches the dream home, then you can make a small workplace of it. Add a desk, place small laptop, squeeze a chair, ideally near a window in your room and get the work started.

Create a friend/relative zone:

You might have some friends or relatives that want to give up something from their home, free of cost. If yes, then take it on your hands. Yes, you will save some money, have an emotion attached to it while adding life to your home.

Upgrade the storage:

Have shoe boxes that have been lying of no use? Paint them, decorate them and create them into storage places for different odd things.

Organize the cords:

We know that you have phones, headphones, iPads, laptops etc whose chords lie everywhere around. Fix these up, organize them from getting tangled and create some free space. You can use paper clips or buckles to store them.

Make the pillows colorful:

Have some dresses that you do not want to wear anymore? Then get on the sewing machine, apply some makeover tricks and create cushions or pillow covers of them. It will add a colorful aura to your room and bed where you can sleep hugging them.

With all these DIY hacks, you can now design the home and room and convert into a place where you would want to spend more time. Get started with your flatmate and see how together you do wonders decorating your home and strengthen your bond too.