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Fighting for the Rights of Bachelors!

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 10, 2016

Rights of bachelor for fair and equal treatment in society

December 10, commemorates the Human Rights Day, where everyone is called upon to stand up for the rights of all human beings.Though the people are aware, there is disrespect for primary human rights which continues to be far spread across the globe. There is no second thought to the fact that human values are under attack even now. ZiffyHomes has taken the pledge to make a real difference by standing for the rights of bachelor and ensure that they are offered fair and equal treatment in the society.

Housing societies have always been in the news for discriminating on basis of gender and marital status. This concern is more prevalent in northern part of our country, where bachelors are not allowed to rent accommodation. As per law, no housing society can bar the owners from letting their home/flat/residential unit to bachelor or students. Every Indian or non-Indian citizen has been empowered with the fundamental right to live anywhere in India, excluding the restricted and prohibited areas. No act in the law has laid down restrictions on bachelor tenant or tenants, irrespective of the reason.

Generally, it is presumed that if they let out their homes to bachelor, they will party late night, indulge in drinking, smoking or consuming drugs, play loud music late night, bring in their girlfriends and eventually disturb the other residents staying nearby. This conception is ignored when this society itself has a party or wedding in the same society, where loud DJ is played late night or consumption of liquor is common. 

Let us see why people say no in letting out their homes to bachelors:

·         Bachelors are assumed not to care for repair and maintenance of the apartment.

·         They might play loud music late night during noisy parties. This eventually disturbs the peace in society, creating a nuisance.

·         Bachelors are considered to be insensitive towards the heterogeneous nature of the society people and ignore the basic needs of families that have kids at home.

·         They will waste the valuable resources by sharing the flat. Generally, 2 boys accommodate in one room and this naturally results in high consumption of water, electricity, parking and other facility services.

·         They are assumed to have too many visitors which adds to the usage of common facilities and additional stress to security.

·         They do not stick to apartments for a longer duration, making them unstable tenants.

·         Bachelors are considered to be careless towards the rules and regulations of the complex.

But are these assumptions true? Certainly not. Let us see the other side of the situation now:

·         Bachelors are considered to be good tenants.

·         They turn out to be first volunteers, during emergency

·         If the actual owners of the flat are out of town, then they are generally of more help by managing the local chores for the owners.

·         The problem of repair and maintenance is equally shared by the owners and tenants and is prevalent equally between the bachelor and family tenants.

·         Bachelors are largely non-interfering for they are either occupied with their studies or their jobs for the most part of the day.

At times there have been conversations in social groups and other platforms on a burning question – whom to let out your apartments – family or bachelors? This is a painful topic particularly for the people that are single. The status bachelor is undesirable when it is about finding a home for themselves.

ZiffyHomes offers ready to move comfortable homes with spacious rooms so that each of the bachelors can occupy his preferred room and live independently. These homes are well maintained and suit to best to the needs of bachelor. The conclusion is that every individual has a fundamental right to live, irrespective of his food habit, religion, gender or marital status. Discrimination against bachelor tenants is an infringement of rights. Let us stand together towards a fair and equal treatment of bachelor in the society.