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How I met my brother!

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 09, 2016

Forming everlasting bonds while living together.


In life, people enter into the bond of relationships with an intent to be together, with a goal to make it work and with a hope of developing joy together. These intentions are very noble, just like the people themselves. However, at times we form relationships in a unique and exceptional way – “out of the box”. The relationships which look iconic and solid like a strong structure can crumble down like a sandcastle at any given point of time but sometimes you may end up forms which last forever.

If people act as grown-ups, then half of our problems will never appear. The need is to find dependability, togetherness, joy and bliss in your relationships and work to achieve it. If you are about to leave your home for a distant city and are going to stay in rented home with a stranger, then these suggestions will help you in adapting gracefully with your flatmates.

1.     Conversation is the key: Having a healthy and open-minded discussion is one of the keys to everlasting bonds. Switch off the television and radio, keep your mobile phones aside, hibernate the laptops and get into a conversation. Ask questions to know each other. Talk about things and topics of common interest like traveling, movies, career etc. Schedule an outdoor activity to establish a fun bond with your flatmate.


2.     Cook meals together: If you both are foodies, then nothing more can delight you, than cooking together. Even if you do not know the art of cooking, yet the fragrance of good cuisine can pull your flatmate to the kitchen, as a helpful partner in crime.


3.     Brighten the home with fun décor: This is something where you can have great fun. Let the creative gel in each other sprout by doing things together. Cut pictures, make colorful paintings or craft items and paste on the wall of your rooms. You can have a meaningful bond when you work together creatively. This décor further helps build some cherished memories for many more years to come.


4.     Watch movies or TV together: Watching movies or TV alone at times can be super boring but it adds life to the same, when you have a company who can scream, laugh, comment and applaud when required. This will naturally help in reinforcing ways of establishing a bond with your housemate.


5.     Plan fun dance sessions: If you think you need to be a terrific dancer, then you are wrong. You can learn the dance while on the job. Just switch on the DVD player, get some jazz music and rock your body together on the tune. Get different kinds of songs so that both of you enjoy the dance and fun sessions. You are in no competition here – so forget about making the right moves. Dance sessions will build up a mutual bond and help you fight stress when you are in a home away from home.


6.     Shop online: Last however not the least; nothing can be compared to the fun when it comes to online shopping. Call your housemate to help you select a pair of shoes for you, or buy a gift for your girlfriend, or shop online for food!


When housemates take out time for each other and indulge in some common activities, it brings positive impact on the relationship and strengthens the bond. Who knows, you may relish the relationship so much that you start valuing the other individual as much your family members.