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5 wildlife sanctuaries around Delhi NCR worth a visit

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 04, 2016

Have you been waiting for an invite from the cool and rejuvenating depths of lush wilderness? Well dear friends, a ready to join respite from verdant and concrete forest, India’s wildlife sanctuaries are one of the veritable treasure houses that enclose range of flora and fauna. Whether it is species of endemic animals or indigenous plants, there is bag full of exotic eco-system here. ZiffyHomes shares top 5 wildlife sanctuaries around Delhi that can be your potential weekend getaways with your new house mates.


1.      Sultanpur National Park – In close proximity to Gurgaon (47 Kms) this sanctuary is based at Sultanpur and was formerly known as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. This is one of the most popular destinations which are perfect if you want one day trip. This place is famous for bird watching for it is inhabited by approximately 250 species of different birds that migrate from Eastern European countries, Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan and Siberia. Some common birds found here are gray francolin, Eurasian thick knee, little cormorant, purple sunbird, paddy field pipit and common spoonbill.


2.      Dudhwa National Park – Hiding amidst the evergreen forests, this national park has different endemic species. The sanctuary supports Tiger Project which works to increase the rate of tiger’s species which is fast dwindling. Based 8-9 hours of drive from Delhi, this national park provides no guides or jeep safari, though you may hire mini buses or jeeps. Since there are not much options of accommodation here, you must pre-book an alternative at a nearby convenient location.


3.      Sariska Tiger Reserve – Also called Sarsika National Park, this sanctuary is 195 kms from Delhi and is based in Alwar, Rajasthan. Perfect for your one day trip, this national park is well known as wildlife reserve. It has rocky landscape, cliffs, dry deciduous forest and grasslands along with Aravalli mountain range which encircles the thick forest. Famous for Bengal tigers, this forest has many other species of wild boar, four horned antelope, chinkara, nilgai, sambar, chital, Indian jackal, striped hyena, caracal, jungle cat etc. The place is an attraction for foreign tourists for it houses Pandupol, Bhartrihari temple and Neelkanth Mahadeva. The ideal way to explore this national park is via jeep which can be hired on request from Forest Reception Office.


4.      Corbett National Park: This is one of the most popular national parks in India which pays homage to legendary late Jim Corbett. This destination is very dense and houses veritable treasure of different species of flora and fauna. In close proximity to Delhi, it is a 6 hours drive via National Highway 9. There are guides and regular jeeps in the national park while it has numerous staying options which offer incredible facilities.


5.      Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Also acknowledged as UNESCO Heritage Site, this bird reserve is home to different species of birds that migrate from different places. From rose ringed parakeet to painted stork, you will witness different birds here. Winter is an ideal time to visit this place. Located 190 kms from Delhi, you can reach this national park via Yamuna Expressway or via train.

So if you have moved in to a ZiffyHomes and are clueless about the places to explore on weekends, then take a break from your monotonous and chaotic life and explore the wild side of nature by visiting these amazing wildlife sanctuaries in close proximity to Delhi NCR.