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5 easy to make cocktail recipes

Harshit Verma  |  Dec 02, 2016

You must have hosted house parties or have been to them at your friends’. Our idea of house party is generally good music, good food and good booze. The party more or less starts and ends with booze and there is one person that is responsible for ensuring that none of the glasses remains empty throughout the period of party. Yes we are referring to the bartender of our party, who holds a key position in the party dynamics. We believe that the bartender most of the times, does not receive the appreciation that he or she deserves. So this Bartender Appreciation Day, we urge all our party peeps out there to show the gratitude and appreciation that our party bartenders deserve.

Check out these easy to make cocktail recipes, and in the next party that you attend, help the bartender out by making these cocktails as a token of appreciation.

1.      Sex on the Beach: Perfect for winter and summer season.. infact anytime. To make one glass, mix 75 ml peach schnapps, 75 ml vodka, 100 ml orange juice and 200 ml cranberry juice and serve with ice. Tip – add vodka first and then the juices.

2.      Pina Colada: This is my tropical treat and a personal favorite too which is highly recommended. Swap 25 ml single scream, 25 ml coconut cream and 50 ml white rum in a glass and then add 200 ml pineapple juice. Mix in glass and serve chill.

3.      Woo Woo: One of the most economical and easy to make drink. Mix 25 ml vodka and 25 ml peach schnapps, followed by 50 ml cranberry juice. Serve it with ice on the rocks.

4.      Vodka Sunset: I bet, you will get addicted to this drink. It is cool, refreshing and zingy. Shake up orange juice in the mixture, pour 50 ml vodka, add some ice and then add 25 ml raspberry cordial, allowing it to sink towards the bottom.

5.      Lemon Drop: So when life gives you lemons, make lemon drops. Sounds funny ... but I am sure you will love this drink. Mix lemonade, one table spoon sugar, 50 ml lemon juice and 50 ml vodka and serve with ice cubes.

Generally we do not advise on mixing drinks, but if you follow our simple cocktail recipes, then you will see how effortless it is to raise up your drinking delight. Not to mention, you will be getting some serious kudos from the bartender and flat mates. Though you can make cocktails by simply mixing different drinks in large bowl or glass, but we recommend doing this in proper cocktail shaker. Try hands on with these simple to make cocktails but remember to drink responsibly :)