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Cashless in ZiffyHomes

Harshit Verma  |  Nov 10, 2016

Building a cashless and digital economy

With the nation suddenly scampering around for change and worrying about slogging through the next two days without 500 and 1000 rupee notes, there is one place you don't need to worry about at! We never believed in cash anyway, at ZiffyHomes.


A sudden address to the nation by the Prime Minister, of what will come to be known as the most historic move in the evasion of black money comes with a little hardship for the common man. Of course, we can't complain - it is for the greater good. However, surviving without 500 hundred rupee notes sets an alarm. But not when you're staying in ZiffyHomes.


ZiffyHomes has a strict account transaction policy between the owner and the tenant, no cash involved. Now, aren't you glad today! From the moment you finalize your deal with us; all transactions are done electronically for the ease of all parties. The rent is never in cash and must be deposited online. Help your domestic helpers and other people around you, who might not be able to comprehend the entire exercise of demonetization. Guide them with currency exchange, financial inclusion and digital transactions. Without our help they might be left confused.


Now, you might have to hold back a few of your expenses in cash for a few days. A good idea would be to create an online wallet, such as Paytm or Mobikwik for ordering food, paying cab fares, getting your recharges done, etc. But, a Ziffian need not go through any hassles in paying rent. An online transaction keeps all of you associated with us, unaffected by this sudden move that, speaking in an understatement, has taken aback the nation on a fine Tuesday evening.


All said and done, we as citizens of India must appreciate the move by the Government and take a few days of hardship in a stride to swipe off corruption from the face of this nation. 


Jai Hind.