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FAQs | ZiffyHomes

To subscribe for a credit card, you need to choose credit card option while subscription and need to do 1rs payment for verifying your credit card. Your subscription will be activated as soon as your credit card is verified. For eNACH, you need to sign an e-mandate by providing your bank account details and verify your identity using Aadhaar Card (Make sure your aadhar card is linked to your bank account). Once your e-mandate is verified by your Aadhar card, the process took 24-72 Hours for activating your subscription.
You need to initiate notice from your dashboard by using our mobile app or website. The subscription will be canceled as soon you initiate notice.
In that case, your booking or existing lease will be canceled.
No, the subscription is only for auto debit of your rent payment. Any other charges will be paid by you using our payment gateway by logging into our dashboard.
Yes, you can download the receipt from the payment tab on the dashboard.
Yes, you will get a reminder email on 27 of the month for the auto debit of rent for next month.
Auto debit will occur on 1st of every month.
You can book your ZiffyHomes directly from our website or mobile app. All the photographs are real and are taken by our team. If you want to make a visit to any property before making your decision, you can book a visit to that property by website, app or by calling us.
Yes, you need to pay one month’s rent as the booking amount. This amount is non - refundable. The booking is held against your name for 5 days.
You need to pay 2 month rent as security deposit, the month’s rent in advance and Rs. 2500 as a fixed one time move in charges for facilitating renting of the room.
Our customers are young professionals who are working with start ups or other reputed companies. You share your flat with like-minded individuals who are from varied fields and backgrounds.
All the documents that we require from you are: a government approved ID proof, your employment proof and, a few passport sized photographs.
No, you need not do anything other than furnishing the documents mentioned above. We take care of the rest of paperwork for you, like getting the rent agreement done.
Yes, the minimum tenure for stay is 6 months. You are liable to pay at least 6 months rent, if you vacate in a duration less than 6 months.
Token amount is taken to block the inventory for your stay. This amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation as we incur costs from the moment you make your booking.
As part of your personal bedroom, you get an attached bathroom and a balcony. The furnitures in your bedroom would include a double bed, a side table, curtains, air conditioner, mattresses, 2 pillows with covers, bedsheet, almirah. The shared living room would have a sofa set, central table, curtains, television (LCD/LED), DTH set top box, wifi router. Other amenities would include refrigerator, microwave oven, RO water purifier, gas stove, gas cylinder / pipeline and washing machine.
Amenities like electricity, any domestic house help, food / grocery, DTH, internet are as per actuals. The residents of ZiffyHomes mutually decide and take care of these resources themselves. ZiffyHomes provides assistance wherever sought.
All ZiffyHomes are fitted with prepaid electricity metres for each bedroom and shared space. Standard electricity charges apply.
The society maintenance charges are part of your rent. We provide free maintenance services for first 15 days after you move-in, post which you are charged as per actuals for any maintenance service that you require.
You need to deposit your monthly rent by 3rd of each month.
The only rule to follow is to maintain harmony inside and outside of ZiffyHomes. One must respect the rules of the society that one stays in. These rules vary from society to society. At ZiffyHomes we do not enjoy interfering with an individual’s privacy. If the conduct of someone residing at ZiffyHomes is found to be inappropriate then suitable steps are taken to correct it.
An individual is required to give at least 30 days notice period before he or she vacates ZiffyHomes.
The inspection of ZiffyHomes takes place on the last day of your stay. As per mutually agreement, standard deduction is made in case of any damage to property. The net amount after the deduction is transferred into your account within 30 working days.
It is quite simple, You can shortlist the property/room and get in touch with our Support Team by calling us on +91 8287 200 400. Once they confirm you on the availability you would be liable to pay a fixed internal move in charges of Rs.2000 for facilitating renting of the other room/property.
Please note: An individual is required to give at least 30 days notice period before he or she vacate ZiffyHomes even in case of Internal Move-in to another property.
No, The security deposit is a refundable amount that is independent of your rent. It is dispersed to your account post the inspection process after the move-out has been successfully completed.