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Preparing to Own a Dream Home While on Rent
Guest | Apr 16, 2019

Owning a home is a dream for one and all. Our well being and happiness is attached to homes. Homes are rightly called ‘memory machines’, for memories and people fade away but physical places endure in the long run. A place like home is all we need and we certainly can dream

Seven lifestyle hacks to make your life simple at ZiffyHomes
Harshit Verma | May 31, 2018

Are you a fitness enthusiast who want to have a check on your daily activities the steps you have walked or how much km you have driven your bicycle? Do you wait for an auto or rickshaw for your office in this hot weather? You probably often stuck in the meeting or traffic and

Skimp out the brokerage
Harshit Verma | Mar 16, 2018

It is around 1'o clock in the night and Arun is wide awake! With an offer letter from his dream workplace which expects him to move to another city in one hand, he is desperately searching the internet for relevant places to live in the obscure city. Which among these brokers t

Be Close To Work
Harshit Verma | Mar 15, 2018

Let us have a look at this:-

Manoj Prasad (26), a resident of Delhi's Dilshad Garden embraces a journey of more than two hours to reach his office in Gurgaon. Raman Kumar (31), a music lover, is unable to find some sort of personal time for following

Harshit Verma | Mar 14, 2018

Numerous young students and professionals are rushing to urban neighbourhoods across India on a remarkable scale, and progressively choosing to rent a flat or an apartment. However, living with a roommate requires a ton of communication, and cooperation, but th

Contemporary furnishing
Harshit Verma | Mar 13, 2018

Moving to a new house isn't a simple choice to make. You have a considerable measure of things to keep in mind while you are choosing to rent another place. It won't be simple for the ones who are finding a decent and fully furnished apartment to rent in the metropo

Pet Friendly Homes
Harshit Verma | Mar 12, 2018

Being the most loyal as well as adoring companions, Pets complete our family and bring euphoria to our homes. In fact, many of us share an unbreakable bond with our pets and can't even think about moving to another house and separating with them. For a considerable length of ti

Choose before you move
Harshit Verma | Mar 09, 2018

When you can't bear the cost of an apartment alone, you'll need to impart that valuable space to a roommate or most likely roommates. While they can save your money and provide companionship, at the same time, there are certain things which you need to consider or rather choose

5 fruitcake recipes for the New Year's party
Harshit Verma | Dec 27, 2016

If you have stayed with flatmates, then you know that it’s not just living room but even sharing the kitchen space has its own challenges. At times it can be infuriating but then there are times when it is fantastic to share the heart of the home with your roommate. You are blessed if you have someone who loves to experiment with different dishes. With the ongoing festive season, it is time y

Significance of Christmas Decor
Harshit Verma | Dec 23, 2016

Have you ever thought why the Christmas trees are so special and evergreen or why are these hanged as wreaths at the door during Christmas Season? Well, then you need to know the importance of Christmas decorations. December brings in a classified feeling which sets a holiday scene in and around your home. We know you love these decorations, so bring forth few facts about the Christmas decorati

Winter Solstice 2016 is here!
Harshit Verma | Dec 21, 2016

Finally, the wait is over! Winter solstice 2016 has arrived on December 21st and this means it’s time for celebration. Some of you might even wonder what is this all about. This is the day when the Northern Hemisphere experiences late dawn, short day, early sunset and longest night. Irrespective of where you live on Earth, this is a signal for you to celebrate.

December is the

The best of Sangria!
Harshit Verma | Dec 20, 2016

Are you hosting Christmas and New Year Bash coming weekend? Browsing online what drinks you can serve? Want to serve something exciting? How about Sangria or different versions of this refreshing drink? Check out this blog!

A peek into the history of crowd-pleasing drink:

With roots from Spain, Sangria is a popular cocktail and party drink that is served acr

5 different kinds of cookie recipes
Harshit Verma | Dec 19, 2016

With winters setting in and the Christmas season around, cakes and cookies are the most wanted sides relished with coffee or tea. Imagine you and your flatmate sitting in the living room with a quilt around, sipping hot cocoa, coffee or tea with some relishing and scrumptious cookies? Amazingly delicious! Right? Here, we bring forth 5 different kinds of cookie recipes that you must try with you

10 signs that you have found the perfect roommate!
Harshit Verma | Dec 15, 2016

Do you remember watching a recent movie Pink and hope to find flatmates like Andrea and Kirti who are better and fun loving? Well, we are sure that you wouldn’t want to move in with someone who cannot get along with you, but there are times when you feel blessed on moving in with a likable personality.  But is there a way by which you can identify an ideal roommate? Here you may find som

DIY hacks for Home Décor
Harshit Verma | Dec 14, 2016

At times the smallest of tweaks make the biggest of differences to your home. If you are living in rented accommodation and cannot do much to decorate the space or do not want to spend lots to add life to your home then let us tell you, friends, there are some common DIY hacks for décor. These will elevate and light up your home into the most wanted hang-out zone amongst your friends.


5 Treks around Delhi NCR to go on weekends
Harshit Verma | Dec 12, 2016

A walk on the hills

Waiting to embark an adventure trekking trip with your flatmates, who have recently moved in? Looking forward to an outing that helps build a strong and everlasting bond? Then just pack your bags for a trekking trip that offers thrill and excitement. Now if you are wondering why only trekking? Then here is the answer –trekking urges one to unders

Fighting for the Rights of Bachelors!
Harshit Verma | Dec 10, 2016

Rights of bachelor for fair and equal treatment in society

December 10, commemorates the Human Rights Day, where everyone is called upon to stand up for the rights of all human beings.Though the people are aware, there is disrespect for primary human rights which continues to be far spread across the globe. There is no second thought to the fact that human values are

ZiffyHomes’ resolve on International Anti-Corruption Day
Harshit Verma | Dec 09, 2016

A recent move of Indian Government to demonetize the high-value currency of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 has significantly unearthed the black money. This has proved to be a revolutionary step towards curbing corruption, financing for terror and counterfeiting currency. The decision was taken as one of the biggest cleanliness drives against rubbing off the black money that has been in the system since

How I met my brother!
Harshit Verma | Dec 09, 2016

Forming everlasting bonds while living together.


In life, people enter into the bond of relationships with an intent to be together, with a goal to make it work and with a hope of developing joy together. These intentions are very noble, just like the people themselves. However, at times we form relationships in a unique and exceptional way –

5 wildlife sanctuaries around Delhi NCR worth a visit
Harshit Verma | Dec 04, 2016

Have you been waiting for an invite from the cool and rejuvenating depths of lush wilderness? Well dear friends, a ready to join respite from verdant and concrete forest, India’s wildlife sanctuaries are one of the veritable treasure houses that enclose range of flora and fauna. Whether it is species of endemic animals or indigenous plants, there is bag full of exotic eco-system here. ZiffyHo

5 easy to make cocktail recipes
Harshit Verma | Dec 02, 2016

You must have hosted house parties or have been to them at your friends’. Our idea of house party is generally good music, good food and good booze. The party more or less starts and ends with booze and there is one person that is responsible for ensuring that none of the glasses remains empty throughout the period of party. Yes we are referring to the bartender of our party, who holds a key

Cashless in ZiffyHomes
Harshit Verma | Nov 10, 2016

Building a cashless and digital economy

With the nation suddenly scampering around for change and worrying about slogging through the next two days without 500 and 1000 rupee notes, there is one place you don't need to worry about at! We never believed in cash anyway, at ZiffyHomes.


A sudden address to the nation by the Prime Minister, of wh

Stay safe in the smog in Delhi NCR!
Harshit Verma | Nov 09, 2016

Is shehar ko ye hua kya hai, kahin rakh to kahin dhuan hai!

Pollution caused by emissions from cars and factories, uncouth burning of crops, construction wastes and the list goes on and on. Seems like, Mother Nature could no longer put up and has given up on Gurgaon dwellers. While we were all busy merry making and celebrating festivals and worshipping idols, we forgo

5 movies to watch with your Ziffy mates
Harshit Verma | Nov 06, 2016

They say, you can tell a lot about the person by the genre of movies they like.

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You have your weekly-off, and the first full day at your new ZiffyHomes. You’re huddled up in your new room; it feels yours with your favorite red bean bag and a picture of you and your best friend grinning all the way to the ends of the photo frame. You r

How ZiffyHomes is easing life for bachelors
Harshit Verma | Nov 06, 2016

Ziffy equals Easy: A revolutionary tech-based platform to ease house hunting for bachelors

It doesn’t seem so long ago when you put myself at the mercy of stingy brokers; when roaming from apartment to apartment in the scorching sun still didn’t find you anything you liked; when you had to settle for a house that belonged more to the rats than you; or worse,

This Diwali, make your ZiffyHomes more beautiful
Harshit Verma | Oct 29, 2016

Fun and easy Diwali decoration ideas for your ZiffyHomes

With the most awaited festival around the corner, grand celebrations all across the country await. With markets hustling and bustling with Diwali knick knacks, nights illuminated by the twinkle of lights and everyone going heavy on the purchases; reasons enough to miss home? Deepavali has also gained popularity

Is Diwali, kya meetha ho jaaye?
Harshit Verma | Oct 26, 2016

Easy to cook sweets for Diwali

It’s the time of the year again, when poojas have begun and the festivities are in the air. With that, we all cannot wait for our favorite festival of the year – Diwali. You may belong to any religion of part of the country, but the charm of Diwali never fails to engulf everyone. Be it nibbling morsels of mithai, exchanging extravaga

Don't just rent a home, rent a lifestyle
Harshit Verma | Oct 20, 2016

Hey there! Yeah, you! We know why you’re here, so why don’t you hang in there just a little more. Whether you’re a newbie or an old acquaintance of the city – we find you a home in a Ziffy!

Finding a home outside home can be extremely stressful, and we understand the importance of renting just the right one to suit your requirements. Are you tired of conning agents and brokers